Winter Is Coming: Heres What You Need to Know

Winter is Coming

With winters just around the corner, and with it the wedding season soon approaching, we believe that all our readers out there would love to have a fashion code to live by, something that distinguishes the Dos from the Don’ts for everything from your hair right down to the shoes, and even the accessories that top off your entire look. What is perhaps the most daunting part of getting dressed in winters is to don layer upon layer to keep you warm, but there are ways to do this in a way that complements your look, so you can rock that super comfy sweater that you love so much, or those knee high boots that the weather demands. While many would think that the basic black look works throughout winters, it does more to make you come off as plain. However, throw in a sunny yellow bag to go with that all black look you’re trying to perfect, and we have a beautiful, complete look, that looks plain and exotic at the same time, not to mention makes you stand out of the crowd.

1.  The Perfect Boots

When it comes to putting on the perfect pair of shoes, keeping in mind the chilling winter season that will soon set in, it is a dilemma perhaps faced by all the girls out there, to don a pair that keeps the feet warm, but DOES NOT compromise on their style. In such situations, the safest thing to do is to simply stick to the ongoing trend and not take any bold fashion risks. While it is easy to find boots that you love, the harder part is to figure out how to wear them in a way that works for your look. When choosing boots, one of the biggest don’ts in fashion is the classic old pair of rubber boots. We know the rainy weather can get to you more often than not, and the puddle-stomping walks become more of a hazard for your shoes. However, that is certainly not an excuse to wear the childish rain boots from when you were six. As an alternative to this, we recommend going the equestrian way: a pair of your favorite riding boots complements with a tailored blazer and slim-cut jeans. There you have it, a complete look that is both cozy and cool, not to mention chic and completely waterproof!

2. The Dreaded Mid Season

It’s finally here. The inevitable mid season that we all dread, where its neither too cold to wear boots or even a sweater, nor so hot that you can rock a light sleeveless top. This is the season where you have to choose between full sleeves and no sleeves, sandals or closed shoes with socks, and jeans or tights. And what is more important than choosing between all these options is to settle on the right combination of these pieces that will get you that chic look you crave. We recommend throwing on a T-shirt with some skinny jeans and a scarf to top off the look. You could also resort to extremely simple basics from your wardrobe, like a denim shirt, and tuck it inside your skinny jeans, finishing off the look with a basic pair of pumps, for a simple yet stylish look that you can rock all day long.

3. Black and White

The soon approaching dark and gloomy winter season calls for dark colors to wear. Which means the time will soon come to bust out the old blacks and whites, and maybe even the grays. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you must always step out of the house in a look that is more dull than stylish. Yes, we have the code to ensure that you can rock these simple colors by throwing on vibrant accessories and perfecting the combination of black and white. For those of you who own black jeans, a black top goes perfectly well when coupled with a white blazer. To further glam up the look, you can even throw in a neutral colored belt to really let that white top complement the back jeans. The look can be finished off with some silver accessories and black high heels for a more formal look, or just a pair of white sneakers if you’re going for an informal look.And for those of you who have a thing for white jeans, you can practically throw on any sort of cute top, because yes, practically any colored top goes with white jeans.

4. Halloween DIYs

With the advent of winters comes the festive month of October, which brings the most anticipated holiday with it. Halloween is just around the corner, and we realize that our readers look for inspiration in practically any kind of way to customize costumes that they can rock at Halloween parties. We’ve got a bunch of festive Halloween ideas, which can easily be tailored at home. The Party Animal is one of the cutest Halloween dresses that any one can pull off. All you need is a simple black single piece dress with spaghetti straps, chic pencil heels, and finishing the look with a pair of bunny ears that look extremely cute while still maintaining the style factor by looking classy. This outfit, with the right kind of zombie-like makeup will do wonders for your overall Halloween look.

5.  Color Coding

Women choices vary as per the occasion and I’m sure that you are perhaps faced with the dilemma of picking the perfect outfits to don at the never ending family gatherings and other formal affairs. Your dress is practically the single most important part of your presence at the event, and for that it must go perfectly well with not just your personality, but also with the dress code that the event demands. To help you out, we’ve come up with the perfect code of what to wear for what occasion. If you are in a position where you must come off as the authoritative and powerful one, dark colors best do the trick. However, for a more friendly and approachable look, pastel colors like light green or pink give you a more relaxed look. One thing that is important to note here is that different colors compliment each other. Be creative with a combination of colors that match and contrast with each other to stand out from the crowd in a chic outfit. So what we’re saying is, picking the right outfit for any occasion is undoubtedly an ordeal in itself, but when you know what colors to rock, the task is made levels easier.

6. Wedding Bells

Indian wedding ceremonies are perhaps the most colorful and vibrant affairs across the globe. From the guests to the bride herself, every young girl glams up in a beautiful attire, with intricate designs and bright colors. The brides are usually clad in more traditional lehngas and shararas, with gorgeous embroidery and various works. For the wedding season this year, it is highly recommended for soon-to-be brides to go for wedding dresses that are beautified with works of zari, because these make for unique and eye-catching wedding attires. For the Mehndi ceremony, a stylish but light outfit is advised, because this is a joyous and upbeat function where every one is in a light mood. Light colors go perfectly with the decorum, putting a modern spin on the occasion, yet maintaining the traditional values behind the wedding ceremony.

7.  Celebrity Inspired

When it comes to fashion, the majority of our inspiration comes from celebrities that we’ve already seen rocking a cute outfit, or glamming up the stage with their beautiful gowns. Though many of us wouldn’t want to admit to it, but we do, even unknowingly, take celebrities as role models and try to imitate a look similar to theirs. And, to our surprise, we find that the pretty accessories that these celebrities wear are often available in pretty affordable packages. For example, Rihanna Red Prom Dress Grammys 2013 Red Carpet Evening Formal Gown makes for the perfect outfit for a formal occasion, as it personifies elegance and class, while not being too simplistic. The dress is available for $159, which is less than half its original selling price. Another celebrity inspired accessory is a Jennifer Aniston inspired necklace with matte silver finish charm and faceted black glass beads, with a re-sizable length that can be adjusted for you. This beautiful item is available for $17, and can complements whatever look you please. Apart from formal attires, even everyday looks can be inspired from your favorite celebrities.

8.  Fancy Up

For all you casual dressers out there who are at a loss of ideas, and clothes, to rock at a party that is slightly snazzier for your tastes, we have a few tips and tricks to glam up your look for a sexier, groovier you. First and foremost, we religiously believe that material is key. A plain old T-shirt is not the most glamorous choice of clothes out there, however a SILK one would do wonders to instantly bump up the fancy factor. Another crucial part of your outfit, and one that is not left unnoticed, is the feet. Throw on a pair of sexy heels when you know you’re going to be partying. These can be your casual stilettos, or block heels, whichever ones you’re most comfortable with, because at the end of the day, you’re not only flaunting yours heels, but are also walking in them, and its always better to walk in a normal yet stylish fashion than wading around like a penguin because you’re too busy balancing your body on those uncomfortable heels that you invested in. Furthermore, the way you top off your attire is another factor that can better your party look. Accessorizing is key. You can pile on some gold jewelry, or stick to the simplistic silver accessories that look so amazingly classy and complement your entire look. To further beautify your hands and feet, we recommend going for a mani-pedi a few hours before the occasion so that your body is left with that fresh feeling of newness and cleanliness. You can also take risks with your makeup. For a party, we recommend spicing up your makeup. By this, we certainly do not mean going overboard with your liner or foundation, but a nicely done cat eye with mascara and a dark shade of lipstick gives you that perfect edgethat you need to immerse into the party mood.



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