Wonder Woman

Since the 1950s the comic’s world has been introducing one superhero after another. One almighty god with infinite powers, one bad guy with evil intentions, supporting sidekicks and damsel in distress who is saved by the almighty hero. The story progresses as how the beautiful girl is in trouble, and she is on the verge of death, but the HERO comes down and fights with the bad guys and saves lady’s life and wins her heart. Sound very mundane right? Well, this is how we have been perceiving almost all the superhero movies be it Hollywood, Bollywood or any other.


However, ladies took power in their hand this year. Gal Adopt, stared in and as Wonder Woman. Saving people’s life. Being her own hero, and saving her lover’s life she gave us some major goals of women empowerment. No doubt we can’t have invincible powers and strength to tear down buildings, but we sure have the courage to take good care of ourselves. Gal Gadot has inspired many women to be their own hero. And boy what a wonder woman she is. At the age of 32, she is the mother of two. With her career as a model, actress and a former competitor of miss universe, she is a real life wonder woman.



She was born in Israel. A country which is more famous for its conflicts with other Arab countries. She is a daughter of a teacher & an engineer just like most of us. Gal Gadot has studied Law & political science as well. Apart from being a diva, she is a brainier too. And just when you think that is impressive she unfolds how she has taken two years of military training and served as a soldier in Israel Defense Force. Which gives us an insight of how strong she is in real. However while watching the movie, all I could think was, yes, you go, girl, kick that person, and punch that bad guy. Oh yes the electric guitar, yeah that’s savage. I wish I could be like her, as strong and as fierce.


While shooting for this movie, there were few more important notes that will make you feel proud of being a lady. This movie was the first live action movie to be directed by women. Patty Jenkins. She had done a tremendous job. While this is just one movie, it is a great breakthrough in the society.


While filming this movie Gal Gadot was pregnant, and while doing the stunts and fight scene Gal was confident and secured. A true portrayal of a lady is when she is complete. She has proven that in the movie and in real-life too. We hope that we are constantly inspired by such movie which shakes the ground. Thank you, Gal for making many women believe.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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