Wrap Dress Trend

May month’s brooding sun is sizzling the temperature. Shorts & summer dresses have come out of the closets, trips to beach & hill stations are set, and your summer body is ready to travel. Now this year has been taking inspiration majorly from the 1980s. My mother used to wear maxi dresses when she was around my age. Those dresses are making its way back but with a twisted change. These dresses are resurfacing in this year’s trend with a combination of the wrap dress. Wrap dresses or wrap around dresses are easy to wear and ideal for tropical areas as they are not crafted with body hugging silhouette.

I stumbled upon this piece while randomly browsing Pinterest, however, it is a perfect depiction of a retro look. The colour scheme of peach and white is generic, it would have caught more attention on the garment had it been in shade of dark blue/navy blue. This look has an extreme deep v neck line, and the drape goes in the back to tie the wrap dress. This dress is perfect for a day out a picnic or casual outings however for the official purpose it is not suitable as it is casual attire.


Pale Dogwood is in the pallet of the SS 2017. It is a very powerful colour inclining over the dark shade. This is a very simple wrap dress for working women/person with outside exposure. It is a lightweight cotton blend, ideal for hot places. Accessorised with peep toe matching heels, sling bag, metal belt watch and few rings if felt like. It’s a very easy piece to get tailored. If you have a knack for fashion, you can get it made at your local tailor with the choice of your fabric.


This is one another piece in the somewhat adaption of pale dogwood more on the dark shade. It is not necessary to always carry a wrap dress with a modest hem line, going a few inches above will add on some spice to the day. However, suggestion would be to utilise it at night light events. Pairing with strappy nude heels or nude shade boots will bring out the new light to a party.


This is one is a very simple black dress without much of a detailing ideal for 9 to 5 job day. Pair up with rose gold accessorise as it is a current high grossing trend. Pair up with strappy bellies, a rose gold watch, and the FRENCH MILKMADE BRAIDS are a must.


The evening gown with wrap up in back detail is absolutely gorgeous. Seneca Rock is again a 2017’s hot colour. No need to pair up more than a simple bracelet with this kind of gown. Make sure to pull this off at some fancy dinner or a huge classy get-together, we wouldn’t want you to overdress and feel out of the crowd as such garment brings dramatic attention.


Denim is really everywhere, and light GSM chambray denim dress with a gold hoop earring and Adidas superstar (white or light blue) will give a kicking chick look. Make sure to braid your hair with partition and dark maroon lipstick to get a retro 90s look.


Lastly, no fashion trend is successful if it is not utilised in one way or another for the real purpose of any design, to give comfort in every situation. Now wrap dresses are widely chosen by the mother to be, as it is easy to put on, looks fabulous and is really comforting. Maternity clothes need to be crafted with special care as lots of issues comes in the way of mommy. It’s fabric and comfort and ease of wearing is at top priority. Opt for organic cotton while looking for a wrap dress as a maternity wear. This is a great outfit for pregnant ladies as it covers the baby bumps with its free silhouette. Carry around your pregnancy glow because that’s the only accessory required for such.



Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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