So stories are all about telling people what they think of their brand, where they want to take it and how they create value for others. Our story is very beautiful as it is connected to my kiddo daughter ‘MYSHA’. It is ‘Arabic’ name and the meaning of ‘MYSHA’ is ‘happy for entire life’. She is the one who created the value of MEMYSHA’.

It was a cool breezy eve of mid of December when ‘Me’ and my daughter ‘Mysha’ were just getting ready to attend a formal party when my eyes gazed at my little sweet 3-year-old daughter. The little delicate lady was busy making her up in one or another way looking into the mirror now and then. I could not move my gaze even for a second as I did not want to lapse this beautiful moment from my life. However, this moment led me to start penning on Fashion & Styles and decided in the name –

This is how the story of MEMYSHA started in 2016 when I started writing blogs and finally started producing apparels and accessories for the world in 2018.


For others, it can be simply a name but for me, it was a precious moment which I have been living till the day. My daughter gave me this inspiration and yes now I am here with you to share all my hard work and experiences which I got by spending so much time on researching on fashion and related stuff in past some years. I am really grateful to think that I took the best decision of life just because of my daughter and now I just want to make people aware of Fashion, about their eternal beauty, their hidden confidence and unconditional love.

Memysha is quite unique and different than any fashion brand you've experienced before. You'll be able to choose from the biggest selection of fashion apparels and accessories available. Our purchasing department ensures that we select the latest qualitative raw material to meet our market trends and expectations. Our management team has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry. And because we have no big overhead (no big retail staff, no big retail stores), we can offer our products at really big savings. Wide selection, lower prices and the best guarantees are just a few reasons why Memysha is always a great buying decision to make a customer happy.

What Memysha wants to do for our society?

As we nurture our child at different stages of life as our responsibility and duty. So I have always thought to do something for our society where 5% of the profit will move the unprivileged ladies where they can take care of the child and family. Without a saying, we will be a part of helping a new mom as the first few weeks are most critical of a newborn’s life. We will be working towards worlds vision by providing essential things like cloth diapers, blankets, a bassinet, a container for clean water, and soap. (New Mother & Baby Kit)

We hope to bring a lot of happiness for our society.

MEMYSHA has two labels: