'Why us' remains a core question for any bootstrap start-up in any industry. We want to make sure when we say 'why us' then we are not selling our products, but in fact, we are buying a customer for the long term. Retaining a customer for a long time is all based on the quality products and after-sales services.

Memysha has launched just a few products but 100% assured with the product quality. We have started with women T-shirts initially with the perspective to make our customer assure about the product quality. For some users, it is quite tough to believe in online products as they are not sure about the product originality. Even many have suffered from the bad experiences of online shopping, and now some of these are afraid of online shopping on any e-commerce websites.

Memysha is focusing on customers including who had terrible experiences while online shopping. Our platform is very secure, and we appreciate refunds if a customer has any problem with the product purchased. Memysha is giving much attention to the quality of a product so that our customer does not deal with bad results.

Memysha knows - “Believe and trust” are important pillars that connect two people or organization unconditionally. If one cannot fulfil this thing, then business cannot take place in between. For us “BELIEVE” is not only a word, but this is also an emotion which varies person to person and makes them more connected to each other. That is why we make sure what we show online as our products are original quality. We are trying to develop this bond with our customers and want to make sure that Memysha will be 100% transparent with you.

Why should you believe on Memysha?

Memysha is new to the fashion market and cannot create a fake image among the customers at any cost, not now and never. We are giving our 100% to each and every customer in any problem related to shopping with us. Our customer family is increasing tremendously day by day, and inspite of this, Memysha will always have a unique relationship with each customer.

Give a chance to Memysha to feel your best experience of online shopping.




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